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obre brows

Ombre Brows

$550 +tax

This is a great service for getting that hyper-realistic, 3D, brow-embroidery look for clients who do not want or cannot do micro-stroke brows. Some of these clients include those on medications that cause them to bleed excessively or those that may not wish to do the 10 day dry heal. I use a combination of gentle SofTap and micro hair strokes that give a natural realistic brow.

soft powde fill brows

Soft Powder Fill Brows

$500 +tax

Soft Powder Fill Brows are designed to give an elegant shape and soft color to missing or sparse brows. It's also a good technique if you want a different brow shape, like a higher arch or longer brow tail. I use a higher dilution of pigment at the bulb to create a soft powdered effect that darkens with more saturation of pigment at the tail. I also outline the eyebrow tattoo design with this higher dilution to soften the edges and give a much more natural, soft appearance to the healed results. I am certified in the natural and gentle SofTap hand method.

natural microbladed brows

Natural Microbladed Brows

$500 +tax

Restore brow beauty of over plucked, thinning, asymmetric, or lost brows with the most natural, realistic hair strokes that create the illusion of natural brows.

Eyeliner Full

$425 +tax

Natural looking eyeliner on both your top and bottom eyelids.

$325 +tax

Eyeliner Lower

Natural looking eyeliner on your lower eyelid.

$375 +tax

Eyeliner Upper

Natural looking eyeliner on your upper eyelid.

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